Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Dear Craftster,

Love the new layout.

Yours, in admiration,

Saturday, September 23, 2006

call me a groupie...

I've just returned (well last night actually after 9 hours driving) from the ultimate punk rock road trip.

bri stef melb1

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have just completed what I like to call the Placebo Pilgrimage. I saw them in Melbourne (my hometown), Canberra, and then twice in Sydney. I'm uploading my pics now and they're taking forever so I'll post them later.

Initially, I had the greatest of knitting intentions. I took a travelling project and had written down some nice yarn stores to visit along the way. But no. I got absolutely no knitting done and was equiped with a very mediocre street directory so I never even got within the vicinity of a yarn store. Now I feel somewhat bizarre after a week without knitting... or maybe it was the non-stop junk food and beer!

Anyhoo, on the needles now is Glampyres One Skein Wonder in a beautiful and luxurious teal acrylic. When you get paid by the education department you can't afford yummy things like debbie bliss and rowan! I don't have a pic as yet... well, I've only knitted about an inch or so. Hopefully this lil project will help get me back into the knitting groove.

Oh, and I put in some new hair for the tour. Its been almost a year since I've had fake hair in and it feels soooo goooood!

war memorial

Saturday, August 12, 2006

fluffed up

remember this...

frogged skull tote

well i did eventually finish it on smaller needles and of course i forgot to take a pic. everything was going great guns, the intarsia came out good, and i even sewed on the handles right after i made them (i'm terribly lazy when it comes to sewing up projects)

a week or so ago i finally got around to felting it. this is what i ended up with...

skull tote disaster

a mass of fluff in my washing machine.

not only did it all fall apart because of my really bad short-take intarsia technique, the wool didn't even felt. urgh! so annoyed.

damn you lincraft cozy wool and your non-felting properties!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

the shit is bananas

today at work we put fake bananas and other plastic goods in our hair!

banana heads

i love my job

Saturday, July 15, 2006

baked beans and other delicacies

While wandering around the wonderful world of crafty blogs I noticed a culinary theme developing among some of you crafty ladies. And I'm sure this has been going on for years, it's only now that I've noticed it!

It seems that crafty + cooking = one all-round crafty dude!

So I got thinking... what could I do to contibute to this timeless trend.

Introducing... *drumroll*... baked beans on toast!

baked beans

I'll admit, i hate cooking. But I was rather impressed with myself. Considering I don't own a microwave or toaster, all was done on the stove and grill. Whats better than a home-cooked, piping-hot lunch for a dreary Saturday?

I love baked beans!!!

I guess theres a little bit of Shane Warne in all us Aussies!


In other news... a little bit of knitting...

Umbilical cord beanie

umbilical cord beanie

for one of two bubs on the way. Knit in Katia Mexico on 5mm dpns. I might have enough yarn left in the ball to scab another one.


hello yarn skull tote (frogged)

frogged skull tote

eww, ugly intarsia. I ended up frogging this and redoing it on smaller needles. Much nicer. Its nearly finished, just cleaning up and weaving in intarsia, making handles, and then felting *tada* Photos of FO later. Stay tuned.....

Sunday, July 09, 2006

best find EVA...

well at least best find of the month.

while i was having a look through the knitting mags at the newsagency i came across this little ditty hiding on the bottom shelf behind a stack of mags.


far out! i knew you could get it at a few yarn stores around melbourne but i didn't think i'd come across it at my local newsagents on a regular sunday morning after doing the groceries!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

sorting it all out

I have so many things half knitted, waiting for seaming, just started and heap of long lost projects.
I like lists. So I'm gonna list them! Maybe it'll help declutter my brain, along with my couch!


- go everywhere cardi from SnB (knitting done, waiting for seaming)

- 2 scarves. one pink one red in fat veronica from lincraft

- umbilical cord baby beanie from SnB (just started)

- newsboy cap from SnBN (started ages ago and half forgotten about)

- those cute little kitty toys from SnBN (started ages ago and half forgotten about)

- hello yarn felted skull tote (just started)

and i'm sure theres plenty of others stuffed away in various places!

(and yes, i do like SnB)

things on the to-do list

- clapotis (yes, i'm gonna jump on the bandwagon!)

- kitty pi (to go with the kitty toys)

- knucks (join the KAL, i did!)

- 2 pairs of ugg-booties

- dads driving scarf for when he drives this...
dads ford

plus many more....