Sunday, July 09, 2006

best find EVA...

well at least best find of the month.

while i was having a look through the knitting mags at the newsagency i came across this little ditty hiding on the bottom shelf behind a stack of mags.


far out! i knew you could get it at a few yarn stores around melbourne but i didn't think i'd come across it at my local newsagents on a regular sunday morning after doing the groceries!


tawnyatay said...

I <3 this Knit.1 . . . there are lots of patterns in it I can't wait to knit.

sarah said...

w00t! congratulations on being my first comment!!! this mag is awesome. i wanna knit the cropped cardi (the green one)

tawnyatay said...

I <3 that green cardi, too . . . it's actually my favorite thing in the mag, plus the little skeleton dolls.

BTW, I fixed the link on the Knucks KAL page. Sorry 'bout that!