Saturday, September 23, 2006

call me a groupie...

I've just returned (well last night actually after 9 hours driving) from the ultimate punk rock road trip.

bri stef melb1

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have just completed what I like to call the Placebo Pilgrimage. I saw them in Melbourne (my hometown), Canberra, and then twice in Sydney. I'm uploading my pics now and they're taking forever so I'll post them later.

Initially, I had the greatest of knitting intentions. I took a travelling project and had written down some nice yarn stores to visit along the way. But no. I got absolutely no knitting done and was equiped with a very mediocre street directory so I never even got within the vicinity of a yarn store. Now I feel somewhat bizarre after a week without knitting... or maybe it was the non-stop junk food and beer!

Anyhoo, on the needles now is Glampyres One Skein Wonder in a beautiful and luxurious teal acrylic. When you get paid by the education department you can't afford yummy things like debbie bliss and rowan! I don't have a pic as yet... well, I've only knitted about an inch or so. Hopefully this lil project will help get me back into the knitting groove.

Oh, and I put in some new hair for the tour. Its been almost a year since I've had fake hair in and it feels soooo goooood!

war memorial