Saturday, July 08, 2006

sorting it all out

I have so many things half knitted, waiting for seaming, just started and heap of long lost projects.
I like lists. So I'm gonna list them! Maybe it'll help declutter my brain, along with my couch!


- go everywhere cardi from SnB (knitting done, waiting for seaming)

- 2 scarves. one pink one red in fat veronica from lincraft

- umbilical cord baby beanie from SnB (just started)

- newsboy cap from SnBN (started ages ago and half forgotten about)

- those cute little kitty toys from SnBN (started ages ago and half forgotten about)

- hello yarn felted skull tote (just started)

and i'm sure theres plenty of others stuffed away in various places!

(and yes, i do like SnB)

things on the to-do list

- clapotis (yes, i'm gonna jump on the bandwagon!)

- kitty pi (to go with the kitty toys)

- knucks (join the KAL, i did!)

- 2 pairs of ugg-booties

- dads driving scarf for when he drives this...
dads ford

plus many more....

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Knitted_Painting said...

I think I've got a To Do list to keep me busy for the rest of my life! so many projects so little time...